Comparative Negligence in an Atlanta Car Accident

Comparative Negligence in an Atlanta Car Accident

As one would expect, for someone who gets into a car accident, the injuries associated with the accident can be life-changing. But you may be wondering whether you’ll be eligible for compensation if you were partially responsible for the accident. Even if it may sound a little ridiculous, you should not have to bear the charges of the damages all alone. And under some circumstances, you will be able to recover a certain amount of financial aid even if there was comparative negligence. Speak with an attorney today to get your case evaluated. 

Dealing with the insurance company:

Since you were partially responsible for the accident, you may expect a certain level of resistance from the end of the insurance company. It’s crucial for you to remember that even if you weren’t responsible for the accident, the insurance company would have still tried to wiggle its way out of paying you. It has nothing to do with you. The best thing you can do for your case is to get the help of a professional lawyer with years of experience in the field. Getting a lawyer would significantly increase your chances of getting compensation. 

Note that the amount of compensation you can get will depend on the percentage of your liability. Suppose you were ten percent responsible for the accident, you’ll be able to recover 90 percent of the compensation you would have received for your injuries. 

There are several other things you may have to keep in mind when you get involved in a car accident. Under no circumstance you can leave the site of the accident otherwise it will be considered a case of hit and run. Hit and run is an offense and if you do that, it’ll lower your chances you getting compensation by painting you as the offender.  

Lastly, do keep in mind the statute of limitation, the clock starts ticking from the day you got into the accident. Do not wait too long as you’ll only have two year time period to file a claim. If you happen to miss the deadline, your case may get dismissed. 

Final thoughts:

Did you lose your focus just for a few seconds while driving? Or do you feel the other driver was more responsible for the car accident? Whatever the case may have been, you should see a lawyer to get a better understanding of your case. 

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